Agile: Configurable by business experts
JobTraQ’s team management software is a team productivity application that empowers tech-savvy business analysts, subject matter experts, and managers to quickly design and configure effective solutions to manage their tasks, JobTraQ Task Management Software is configurable using just a web browserprojects, programs, and processes.  JobTraQ’s out-of-the-box functionality can be leveraged to perform effective team management as well as asset, resource, and contact management, all in a complete and integration-ready solution.

IT departments and integrators can offer up JobTraQ as a true “system of assignment” and can integrate it with existing “systems of record” without getting bogged down supporting the day-to-day operational workflow change requests that are a reality in the modern workplace.  Rapid changes and iterative process improvements have become the new norm and systems with the agility to keep up with those changes are no longer optional – they are essential.  Whether a single team decides to implement a JobTraQ solution or an IT group provides it as a shared resource for multiple departments,JobTraQ Task Management Software empowers your managers and teams JobTraQ empowers an organization’s business experts to create and manage their own workflow processes, data forms, and reports. This allows IT human resources to return to the more important role of trainer, advisor, and integrator.  By unlocking the creativity of business experts with JobTraQ, IT teams can transform their organization’s work management projects from expensive, risky, and often frustrating implementation efforts into rapid and agile iterative cycles where IT facilitates solutions through configurable technology.  This model gives process owners unprecedented control of their evolving configurations.  JobTraQ quickly delivers operational results through easily configured yet sustainable solutions that are contained within a structured and secure task management framework, and the JobTraQ system can be run on our client’s own hardware, completely under the client’s control.

JobTraQ also empowers teams that do not have access to IT support by enabling them to rapidly configure and deploy effective work assignment and execution solutions on their own.  JobTraQ also offers application hosting and support services, or the option to subscribe to JobTraQ On-Demand (SaaS – Software as a Service) for clients who want to run JobTraQ in the cloud making it an equally useful tool for the enterprise or the virtual enterprise.

Mobile: Access from anywhere
JobTraQ’s interface can be accessed using any modern browser, and officially supports Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.  A JobTraQ add-on client for Microsoft® Outlook® offers the ability to add and edit tasks, JobTraQ Mobile runs on iOS, Android, and Blackberryappointments, and contacts synchronizing them with JobTraQ.  Additionally, while JobTraQ’s standard web-based interface works well on most modern smart phone browsers, we also offer an optional lightweight interface for teams with more demanding mobile access requirements. JobTraQ Mobile™ offers mobile workers a rapid way to view and update tasks, run task timers, view attached files, and check their upcoming schedule, as well as look up and reach out to JobTraQ contacts.

Because JobTraQ is web-based and mobile, users can access it from any location, at any time. They can review their team’s work while waiting for a plane, track their billable time while still on site with a customer, or update the status of a sales call while on the road to the next prospect. This allows your system to collect and act on data instantly, instead of waiting for updates at the end of the day or week.

Open: Integrate with anything

APIs: JobTraQ delivers well documented and open interfaces, an open data model, and a comprehensive set of fully authenticated web service (XML, SOA) integration points, allowing quick and easy integration with third party systems, including ERP systems, PDM/PLM applications, supply chain management, web/database/back office solutions, inventory tracking, accounting systems, bar code printers and readers, and other third party products and custom applications.

Mashups: JobTraQ Administrators can quickly configure dynamic embedded content frames within the JobTraQ task forms, or they can make links that users can then click to access other information systems as part of the JobTraQ experience.  In addition, these embedded pages and dynamic links can easily be configured to pass content from the active task to the external web based system.  For example, a JobTraQ administrator could create a “tracking number” field, and an “embedded form” to show a shipping vendor’s status, then drag and drop both items onto one or more of the task types or project forms they have created.  When workers view a task of that type they could see the real-time tracking information, right in the task form.

Authentication: JobTraQ supports integrated Active Directory or LDAP Authentication through a secure Kerberos connection, allowing organizations to simplify and integrate access management – but it does not have to run lock step with an external system.  JobTraQ can support “JobTraQ only” users running side-by-side with Active Directory (or other LDAP) integrated accounts.

Unconstrained: Unlimited Customization
Organizations can create many hundreds of true custom fields, setting their data type and naming them freely, then use them right away in searches, data imports and exports, reports and dashboards, and work management.  Managers with the permissions to do so can create drop down lists or add new values to existing lists.  They can also add radio buttons, check box lists, input boxes for text and numeric values, dynamic link fields and mashup forms, and more.  Administrators can then create custom task and project types and statuses, drag and drop them all together into multi-page forms that look exactly like their users will expect and they can also set field and record level permissions to keep it all secure.  The possibilities are limitless, and one does not need to be an IT expert to get it done!

How do you empower your managers and teams to work without limits?

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