Efficient Project and Task Management

Task List screenshot showing statuses and alert levelsEfficient Project and Task ManagementUpdate statuses, notes, dates, and custom dataBatch EditingDrag and drop organizationQuick EditingDisplay and sort by any fieldsFilter by any combination of attributesGrouped Search ResultsSaved ViewsImport from other systems At the center of each JobTraQ universe is a galaxy of ever-moving tasks that flow smoothly through ad-hoc or user configured business processes. Every task can be placed into the correct project or program, or recorded as ad-hoc work. Tasks and Projects can be quickly sorted and searched for using both the basic built-in and dynamic custom fields. Permissions, among other things, allow you to protect those fields as well. Custom Task Types can also be configured allowing you to determine which fields are displayed, and their layout, and whether or not those fields are required, or required before close. All of this combines to support very open or highly controlled data capture and display. Finally, each employee can easily and securely see the status of every task and project in their queue, or area of visibility, and can quickly update the important details as work proceeds – more efficiently than ever.

Easy To Use Interface

User Interface Overview ScreenshotEasy To Use InterfaceJobTraQ User Interface: TabsJobTraQ User Interface: SidebarJobTraQ User Interface: Main WindowJobTraQ User Interface: CalendarCreate tasks from emails and web forms The JobTraQ user interface is designed to be powerful, yet easy to understand. It is organized into several primary tabs, which contain all the tools a user needs to work in the system. A sidebar provides quick access to common actions and unsaved changes, and the main window contains customized lists of records, straightforward data edit pages, easy access to reports, and comprehensive administration tools. The main section of the page changes to show the information and controls that the user or administrator needs to accomplish their current project.

Web Based

Works on any PC DiagramWeb BasedAccess from AnywhereMobile Access JobTraQ is a true web-native, an application that runs from a client’s own web servers or from our state of the art hosting platform, and is easily accessed from any computer or mobile device that has a web browser. Users can log in to JobTraQ from the office, from a customer site, at home, or while traveling. This flexibility keeps your teams connected and effective, able to keep work flowing efficiently no matter what time zone they are in. Whether your team is on an oil platform in the Java Sea or traveling between meetings in New York City, or both, JobTraQ delivers truly connected workflow enabling teams of all kinds to work without limits.

Email Notifications

Email NotificationsDaily Task SummariesScheduled reminders and checkpoint warnings To keep all interested parties informed, JobTraQ sends simple, easy-to-understand email notifications about important task and project progress events and status changes. The emails contain all the necessary information to keep team members, management, and customers up to date about everyone’s progress. Email notifications can be customized, and are permissions aware so that changes are only sent to the people that are supposed to receive them.

Integrated Time Tracking

Time log page with sample timersIntegrated Time TrackingDetailed reports on time spentView project time summary and totals Users can easily record the time they spend on any task or project they work on, or appointment they attend. Once this time is recorded, it is easy to roll up into parent projects or programs and to generate time utilization and tracking reports, review the time spent on a project, or use workflow to dynamically calculate costs and targets.

Digital Asset Management

File Details PopupDigital Asset ManagementFile HistoryAccess Control and Security Users can attach any number of files to any task, project, appointment, contact or asset in JobTraQ. This provides a central repository of all digital information, keeping digital assets and artifacts connected to the specific people, projects, and tasks they belong with. This makes it easy for users to quickly access the exact data they need to do their work, quickly and without confusion. It also provides an invaluable archive of historical data including previous versions that might otherwise be lost.

Business Intelligence

JobTraQ ReportsBusiness IntelligenceDashboardsOpen Database Schema The wealth of organizational pattern and performance information that your users enter into JobTraQ during the normal course of work is very useful for day-to-day management and planning. It is also a treasure trove of historical data providing fact-based support for estimates about future work that can be mined for valuable insights into your organization’s productivity and effectiveness. The data in JobTraQ can tell you how long it takes to complete an average project, where the bottlenecks are in your process, and which of your customers are the most profitable.

JobTraQ offers a wizard based business intelligence module designed to empower technically savvy users to design, preview, and publish and schedule custom reports pushing real-time key performance indicators, task loading, or other decision support information to your users and managers in real-time. Support for multiple configurable dashboards enables wallboard style monitoring of critical indicators. Export options enable further analysis of data in excel, or other tools, and also allow native export to PDF, Word and other formats. The JobTraQ BI module includes static and animated pie charts, bar charts, line charts, splines as well as tables, cross-tabs and drill down reports that can be blended together to offer graphical summaries with table based details, or a single report with multiple visualizations can also analyze different data sets that a manager may need to view together in order to make informed decisions.

JobTraQ also provides a reporting API, a custom portal for permission controlled linking to “third party” reports, and a variety of built-in web-based data extraction tools. Finally, we share our open data model with our active clients so they can have existing reporting systems analyze JobTraQ data as well.