This error usually occurs when your browser’s privacy or security settings are too restrictive. JobTraQ software relies on temporary cookies to track login information. If your browser is set up to block these cookies, the system will successfully log you in, but will be unable to “remember” the login. It will then return to the login page. To fix this issue, refer to the instructions specific to your browser below.

Internet Explorer

  • Go to Tools | Internet Options, and click on the Privacy tab
  • Click on Advanced
  • Check “Override automatic cookie handling”
  • Check “Always allow session cookies”


  • Go to Tools | Options
  • Click on the Privacy icon
  • Choose “Remember history”


  • Go to Tools | Preferences
  • Go to the Security icon
  • Make sure the Accept Cookies option is not set to “Never”


  • Go to Tools | Options
  • Go to the Under the Hood tab
  • Click the Content settings button in the Privacy section
  • Make sure that the cookie storage setting is not set to “Block sites from setting any data”

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