• Check the System Requirements and ensure the system is operating correctly.
  • Close any running applications.
  • Run JobTraQ Setup, and follow the prompts. If you want to install JobTraQ with a separate database server, you should run the setup program on the web server.
  • Next, the configuration utility will appear. Click Ok to continue. Note: Throughout the configuration utility, you can click on the small “?” buttons for help on individual fields.
  • Most of the fields on the Database Configuration screen can be left unchanged, unless you need a different setup. The exception is the Database Administrator Username and Database Administrator Password fields. In these fields, you must enter the login information for a valid administrator account on your database server.
  • The Data Server Path screen allows you to change the location where the data files will be installed on your server. This setting usually should not be changed.
  • The System Settings screen lets you configure some of the details of how your JobTraQ install will work. The Email and SMTP settings allow you to specify how JobTraQ should send email notifications, and the Owner and Assignee Title fields let you customize the titles that JobTraQ should use for the various people associated with tasks.
  • The IIS Setup screen allows you to choose the web location where JobTraQ will be installed. Choose the parent site and folder from the treeview at the top of the screen, and then type a name for the JobTraQ subfolder.
  • The Root Path screen simply sets the address of the JobTraQ site. For example: If you want your JobTraQ address to be http://www.jobtraq.com/swift/jobtraq, you would enter www.jobtraq.com/swift in this screen.
  • The License Info screen allows you to enter your license info for JobTraQ. If you select “Demo Mode”, you will have 30 days of unlimited use, and then JobTraQ will expire until you enter a license key. If you already have a license key, you can choose “No” in the Use Demo Mode and then enter your license key in the text box.
  • The Administrator Account screen is where you set up the first JobTraQ administrator account. This will set the username and password that are used to log in to JobTraQ with full permissions. Note: you can use this admin account to create additional accounts for other users.
  • When you click Finish, the configuration utility will set up JobTraQ according to the options you chose.
  • Once the configuration utility has finished, it will display a message window containing a link to your new JobTraQ site

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