“Vision without execution is hallucination.” — Thomas Edison

One of the most difficult challenges teams and organizations face today is keeping everyone on the same page as to what is happening now and what should happen next. Task Tracking and Workflow Management Software that helps you see The Road AheadWithout a business project management system or an effective means of task management, executives, managers, and workers are virtually blind to at-risk tasks and they constantly exchange productivity draining status reports, email updates, spreadsheets, project plans and presentations, while workers try to finish the tasks and projects they are aware of before their priorities are changed.

JobTraQ Business Process Management (BPM) changes everything.With JobTraQ’s BPM software, executives can see the exact, up-to-the-minute status of every project their organization is working on. Task Managers can see all the details of each task assigned to their team, and workers have a complete prioritized list of all their tasks – all in one place. As each task progresses, workers can easily track their status and progress, and stakeholders are automatically notified regarding updates to their requests. JobTraQ Task Management Software Provides Unprecedented Organizational Vision and ClarityWhen a new project is assigned to a team, the manager can quickly delegate tasks to each person, or define workflow rules to automate assignment. Assignees are then proactively notified about the new work and when it needs to be done.

Project Managers can quickly use the team calendar see who is scheduled for what and when, or they can view the automated resource utilization system to see who is over utilized or under loaded, and they can efficiently group, prioritize and assign tasks to make sure deadlines are not missed.  JobTraQ BPM software automates the capture and display of needed data along the way, and generates automated reminders, alerts, and reports to facilitate consistent performance as well as proper exception handling and escalation.

These benefits are not limited to internal users: customers can be added to the notification list or even given a JobTraQ login of their own. Access control systems prevent those customers from seeing internal data, but they can see the exact status of their projects at any time, and even submit suggestions and fully accountable changes of their own.

Without vision, organizations perishJobTraQ task management and project management software delivers the critical element that every team needs – true real-time operational visibility.

All of this data can be rolled up into dashboards for executives, broken down into detailed reports for business process managers, and segmented and pushed out to team members as well. With all this power, no one is left in the dark; they all know what to do, and when, to ensure that things get done at peak efficiency.

Do you wish your project managers and teams knew exactly what to work on next, all the time?

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