JobTraQ Workflow and Lean BPM Software was recently featured on 21st Century Business, the award winning television series produced by Multi-Media Productions. The show features companies providing business viewers an in depth opportunity to find solutions within many industries globally.

JobTraQ President and Founder, Vaughn Thurman, was interviewed about the state of project and task management in today’s corporations. Thurman said, “I don’t think there is any middle or high level manager, who hasn’t had the disappointment of coming into somebody that they’ve assigned a task to, that maybe they’re accountable to somebody above them or a client, and they say hey what’s the status of that task. It’s really important that I have that today. And the worker looks at them and says ‘What task?’ That’s the challenge that we were trying to solve ourselves originally and that’s what brought JobTraQ to market.”

The 21st Century Business piece featured to JobTraQ clients, NASA and CUnet. Both companies have experienced huge gains in productivity and efficiencies since implementing JobTraQ’s business process management software. CUnet’s Director of Internal Operations, Jeff Herz, said, “We have gone from about a 70% completion rate up to 95% or more completion rate for every task that our client has requested. We have been able to implement and complete much more thoroughly and much more accurately.”

Cindy Miller of Media Fusion at NASA commented that she is able to change workflow processes in minutes with JobTraQ and the system gives her factual data that she uses to effectively cost projects for NASA and keep track of expenses and time allotments with her staff.

Being able to track costs and ROI is critical in today’s competitive business environment. Thurman said, “There are a lot of companies that can tell you how much they are saving on paperclips and give you scientific data on it, but have a very difficult time telling you how effective their teams are or how efficiently they’re using them. That’s what JobTraQ does.”

21st Century Business airs on CNBC and the Fox Business Network to over 100 million viewers nationwide as well as internationally via DirecTV and Dish Network. The series is also available at more than 27 prestigious college universities, including Carnegie Mellon University, Howard University, Dartmouth College and Georgetown University. Read the press release: Swift Software’s JobTraQ to be Featured on 21st Century Business Television series May 8, 2013

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