Keep projects moving smoothly with Task and Project Management Software tools. Your team has instant access to the documents, directions, communications, and deadlines they need to complete their assigned tasks and projects.



JobTraQ’s dashboard gives everyone in the organization the information needed to do their jobs.

  • Primary tabs for easy navigation
  • Sidebar for critical alerts
  • Easily create new data points, timers, and reports
  • Quick access to a user’s responsibilities and data

Project Task List

Management to team members can easily see their top priorities & tasks that are overdue or in danger of becoming overdue.

  • Display and sort by any field
  • Batch edit to quickly change a large number of tasks and projects
  • Drag and drop organization
  • Collaborate easily with team members
Project Task List

Calendar View

See daily, weekly, or monthly calendar view. Easily see additional scheduling opportunities, and keeping everyone fully utilized.

  • Easy to collaborate with other team members
  • Recurring tasks
  • Role based permissions
  • Individual tasks with associated time spent

Custom Forms & Record Types

Administrators can create any number of custom task types that can drag and drop to configure, capture or show key information.

  • Custom field capabilities
  • Drag and drop configured
  • Show information from 3rd party systems
  • Embed “Mashup” pages and links to other systems

Recurring Tasks

Automatically or manually create new tasks at specified times through recurring task feature.

  • Specify recur rules
  • Can kickoff simple or powerful workflows
  • Seed entire dynamically created projects
  • Tasks can repeat any number of times

Daily Task Email Summaries

JobTraQ helps each user plan their work for the day with the Daily Task Summary email. Every morning this email is sent to users alerting them to their tasks.

  • Highlights current tasks
  • Highlights tasks due today
  • Warns of overdue tasks
  • Team summary email sent to each manager

Task Based Email Notifications

When a user makes a change in a task, an email is automatically sent to all team members associated with the task. These emails can also be sent to customers and interested 3rd parties.

  • Contains summary, task details, time log, and attached files
  • Automatically sent
  • Send to people outside the company

Schedule Reminders & Checkpoint Warnings

Scheduled tasks and appointments can send reminders to all attendees at set intervals before the scheduled start time. Tasks that have specific checkpoints to completion can send warning emails if those checkpoints are not achieved.

  • Automated emails
  • Never forget with scheduled reminders
  • Management is always on top of team members progress

Create Tasks from Emails & Web Forms

JobTraQ also accepts tasks from incoming emails and simplified web forms. Ideal for helpdesks and any other teams that frequently receive requests from external users.

  • Web form submissions automatically become tasks in the system
  • Quickly start new tasks from sending an email to JobTraQ
  • Automated workflow based routing of new tasks
  • Permission controlled direct assignment of tasks

Take Control of Your Business Processes

With JobTraq your business processes are controlled, measured, and continuously improved. Allowing you and your organization to enjoy new levels of success. What are you waiting for?

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