Multimedia Executive Summary:

JobTraQ® is a web-basedAccess from AnywhereMobile Access, mobile-enabled, and optionally Outlook® integrated system that delivers Efficient Project and Task ManagementUpdate statuses, notes, dates, and custom dataBatch EditingDrag and drop organizationQuick EditingDisplay and sort by any fieldsFilter by any combination of attributesGrouped Search ResultsSaved ViewsImport from other systems through a task-centric and Easy To Use InterfaceJobTraQ User Interface: TabsJobTraQ User Interface: SidebarJobTraQ User Interface: Main WindowJobTraQ User Interface: CalendarCreate tasks from emails and web forms loaded with operationally empowering features. These well thought out and permission-aware features include Integrated Time TrackingDetailed reports on time spentView project time summary and totals to help you effectively capture time spent and job costing, Digital Asset ManagementFile HistoryAccess Control and Security for handling attachment and artifacts of all kinds, and easy-to-read automated Email NotificationsDaily Task SummariesScheduled reminders and checkpoint warnings to keep everyone in the loop. Visual Resource Utilization ManagementEvery user and asset can have a custom work schedule enables you to quickly analyze which teams, workers, or assets are over or under utilized and Collaborative CalendarsWeek and Day CalendarsAppointment List for drag-and-drop management of team schedules. Recurring TasksFuture tasks are shown on each user’s calendar can be easily defined for critical compliance, reporting, maintenance and other tasks or projects that then need to be completed at regular intervals, and they can even seed entire dynamic projects and simple or or complex workflows. Real-time Audit Trail and Activity LogsEvery user has an activity logSystem-wide login record record every change to every task, project, contact, and asset as well as recording changes to the configuration of the system itself, bringing easy-to-find and audit-ready answers to the question of who has done what and when.

Additionally, CheckpointsCheckpoint Notification Emails provide a configurable means of enforcing task timeline expectations, increasing the alert level for those that fall short – making them proactively visible to workers and team leaders alike. Built-in Contact ManagementEasy drag-and-drop organizationEach contact has defined permissions, roles, and authenticationContacts can be imported from outside systems and Asset ManagementAssets can be assigned to tasks, appointments, and projectsAsset utilization can be scheduled and trackedAssets can be imported from outside systems features provides powerful drag-and-drop interfaces for organizing staff and clients, import/export, and deeply customizable and searchable information tracking for the organizations, teams, people and assets that make your organization go. JobTraQ’s optional integrated Business IntelligenceDashboardsOpen Database Schema module provides wizard based report design and distribution capabilities for providing push-based or ad-hoc access to critical performance indicators and operational analysis. The entire system is secured through powerful and granular Role Based PermissionsPermissions can be set on fields, record types, and statusesFeature PermissionsComprehensive and Secure with Record Level Access ControlsComprehensive and Secure ensuring that sensitive data is only visible to those with a need to know. The JobTraQ permissions model not only elegantly partitions access to assignments, tabs, features and built-in fields, but they can also be applied to the many hundreds of dynamic Custom FieldsEvery field can be edited, searched, and used in reportsSecurity on every field that you can create through JobTraQ’s administrative interface, which is designed to empower business analysts to quickly deploy complete task centric solutions. These permissions are also applied regardless of whether an account is used to access JobTraQ via the built-in web, mobile, or Outlook based user interfaces, or via the integrated web-services API.

JobTraQ supports a virtually unlimited number of custom forms and task typesField OptionsCustom TabsHide some tabs from some usersEmbed “mashup” pages and links to other systems, enabling organizations to tailor the information they need to capture and display for the work they do through JobTraQ.