Time Zone Support

Time-zone independent date storageTime Zone SupportEvery user can choose their own local time zoneTimes are automatically translated to the viewer’s time zone Everyone in JobTraQ can use their own local time zone for all calendars, dates, and schedules. JobTraQ automatically translates all dates to and from each person’s local time, including Daylight Saving Time adjustments. As a result, there is no need for users to manually calculate their coworkers’ or customers’ time zones. They can simply use their own and the system will take care of the rest.



French Translation ScreenshotInternationalizationAll data storage is UnicodeFull Date, Time, Calendar, and Number format localization The JobTraQ user interface can be translated into any language its users require, and it can display data in the preferred format of any country. All data is stored in Unicode, which means that Chinese, Russian, and French speakers can use the system just as easily as English speakers.