Project Portfolio Management Software – Harness the Power of Employee Productivity

Project Portfolio Management is often thought of as simply the discipline of listing, categorizing, prioritizing, and tracking the high level progress on a portfolio of projects or objectives. However, as industry competition increases, employee productivity within these initiatives becomes increasingly essential to the success of any business. Keeping ahead of the pack means being keenly aware of how productive your employees are both within projects and outside of them. Business process managers need to have visibility into how they can more effectively manage their team’s workflow. Unproductive Employees Can Undermine Success No matter your company’s size, it is often one... Read More »

Whitepaper – Delivering Sustained Value and ROI with Task Management Software

Jim Collins writes in Good to Great that “good is the enemy of great” – an important lesson for any business seeking to remain competitive and relevant.  Years before, however, Aristotle, Confucius and Voltaire proclaimed that “perfect is the enemy of good” which captures the challenge faced by many organizations when they attempt to deploy an enterprise-wide business process management (BPM) solution.  Driven by multiple factors including the complexity created by the evaluation and selection of methodologies, implementation of business process standards, and tool selection it can easily take a year or more before a working system is in place... Read More »

White Paper – JobTraQ Task Management Software

JobTraQ Task Management Software JobTraQ® automates human to human workflow and simplifies hierarchical team management of collaborative tasks. JobTraQ online task manager software also ensures that the correct data is collected and displayed through each step of a task’s workflow and that each task is pushed to the next step in the process at the correct time. JobTraQ can be rapidly adapted to model your business process framework using task templates, custom fields, statuses and workflow rules. With powerful role based permissions, JobTraQ controls task and field level visibility amongst team members, departments and managers. JobTraQ allows organizations to gain... Read More »

White Paper – Comparing SharePoint & JobTraQ as Task Management Software

At first, trying to compare these two products seems a bit like comparing apples to oranges. In a sense we are, because Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server (MOSS) is designed to be a portal, a collaboration tool, an application framework, and other things as well. In contrast, JobTraQ® is designed to be one thing, an enterprise grade task management and workflow tool. The question of contrast arises, when one considers the task management and workflow capabilities of MOSS against those of JobTraQ®. Here we will compare the products from a task management perspective in terms of ease of use, implementation time... Read More »

White Paper – JobTraQ Business Intelligence: Unleashing the Power of Task Management Software

The JobTraQ® Business Intelligence Module offers up an integrated, powerful, and easy to use interface for the rapid design, development, execution, and automated distribution of reports summarizing or drilling into the critical metrics available from JobTraQ.  However, that is just one of the many ways that JobTraQ helps you keep watch over and optimize an organization’s critical processes.  In this white paper, the author examines the various kinds of business intelligence available from within JobTraQ as well as various ways that data can be harvested and analyzed. Read More »