JobTraQ Workflow Management Software Reversing Declining Corporate Performance Trend

In a recent study, many customers including NASA and CUnet, are experiencing double digit productivity gains using JobTraQ workflow management software by Swift Software. The release of version X6 earlier in the year, has revolutionized the way JobTraQ customers are doing business and is helping to reverse a declining corporate performance trend. Read the press release. Read More »

JobTraQ Lean BPM and Workflow Software Featured on 21st Century Business

JobTraQ Workflow and Lean BPM Software was recently featured on 21st Century Business, the award winning television series produced by Multi-Media Productions. The show features companies providing business viewers an in depth opportunity to find solutions within many industries globally. JobTraQ President and Founder, Vaughn Thurman, was interviewed about the state of project and task management in today’s corporations. Thurman said, “I don’t think there is any middle or high level manager, who hasn’t had the disappointment of coming into somebody that they’ve assigned a task to, that maybe they’re accountable to somebody above them or a client, and they say... Read More »

JobTraQ X6.0 BPM Software Release Announcement

Swift Software announces the release of JobTraQ version X6.0 with our new visual process designer and enhanced workflow system. The process designer is powerful yet exceptionally easy to learn and use, and the visual design capability makes workflow processes practically self-documenting. Maintenance and process improvement are significantly easier because process flow is represented visually and explicitly controlled. New advanced workflow features like parallel processes and global conditional actions streamline implementation for complex business processes. Time-based escalation enables entirely new types of workflow, like SLA monitoring, escalation, and contract compliance. Read More »

Time-based Escalation – New Workflow Software Feature

With the redesigned workflow engine released with JobTraQ X6 earlier this year Swift Software has a platform for quickly delivering new features and functions which will enhance JobTraQ’s market-leading task management software value proposition.  The latest feature addition is time-based escalation for tasks and projects.  Time-based escalation allows administrators to design processes to ensure that managers no longer need to stay on top of tasks to ensure that they are completed on time.  Flexible time-based escalation makes it easy to ensure that workflows continue when someone is on vacation, traveling, or simply too busy to complete their tasks. Time-based escalation... Read More »

Whitepaper – Delivering Sustained Value and ROI with Task Management Software

Jim Collins writes in Good to Great that “good is the enemy of great” – an important lesson for any business seeking to remain competitive and relevant.  Years before, however, Aristotle, Confucius and Voltaire proclaimed that “perfect is the enemy of good” which captures the challenge faced by many organizations when they attempt to deploy an enterprise-wide business process management (BPM) solution.  Driven by multiple factors including the complexity created by the evaluation and selection of methodologies, implementation of business process standards, and tool selection it can easily take a year or more before a working system is in place... Read More »

Swift Software Announces Record 2012 Results for JobTraQ

Contact Information Swift Software, Inc. Vaughn Thurman (301) 668-2633 x803   Swift Software Announces Record 2012 Results for JobTraQ Task Management Software Frederick, Maryland – Swift Software, recognized as a market leader for its JobTraQ enterprise task management software solution, is pleased to announce record results for 2012.  Year-over-year revenue for JobTraQ On-Premise and JobTraQ Cloud Edition grew 273% and 164%, respectively, fueled by a combination of new business customer acquisition, account expansion and renewals from its install base.  Notable new customers include TransCanada, RBS and the United States Marine Corps.  Together this performance contributed to Swift Software’s continued... Read More »

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