Workflow Processes Software FeaturesThe release of JobTraQ software version X6.0 earlier this year introduced Visual Workflow processes to the already feature rich list of tasks that the software can complete. Visual Workflow Software revolutionizes how companies can automate repetitive tasks in their work environments. Regardless of complexity, the Workflow Processes software features the ability to handle literally hundreds of tasks and helps to increase productivity and efficiencies.

Visual Workflow Processes is so incredibly easy to use, that if you can draw your business process management outline on a piece of paper, you can make it into a workflow in JobTraQ. No custom programming is needed, so there are no costly IT hours involved in its implementation. The system guides workers through required steps to reduce the chance of mistakes and lost work. Nothing falls through the cracks with JobTraQ. Everyone knows exactly what to do at all times.

Customer Cindy Miller, Project Manager at Media Fusion at NASA says, “Now that we have all the processes in our JobTraQ system, it literally takes minutes to make a change to our process. And NASA headquarters is a pretty fluid place to work. When NASA zigs we have to zag to keep up with them. So we can go in and create a change to the workflow rules, which allows us to redirect the workflow process immediately.”

Visual Workflow Software Features:

  • Rule based system
  • Automates approval processes
  • Sends late notifications
  • Automatic resource reassignment
  • Managerial alerts
  • Include inside and outside resources
  • Automates communications
  • Decides where to route tasks
  • Handles simple to complex workflows

Take Control of Your Business Processes

With JobTraQ your business processes are controlled, measured, and continuously improved. Allowing you and your organization to enjoy new levels of success. What are you waiting for?

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