JobTraQ is the Pioneer of Lean BPM and We Stand Apart from All Other BPM Solutions

We set ourselves a huge challenge when we started JobTraQ’s development 13 years ago – the challenge was simple, but enormous:

To create a tool which delivered 80% of BPM functionality for 20% of the cost, and which would be deployed in less than 10% of the time of a traditional BPM suite.

Today, we’ve succeeded and have gone even further, with JobTraQ standing alone as a BPM suite that requires no coding or specialist skills, delivering the power of BPM directly into the hands of the business people who need it.

Visual Workflow Tool

Here is a brief look at just some of the JobTraQ features, you and your team will be able to use, without placing any burden on your IT department, or needing to engage expensive and time-consuming third party vendors to operate the tools for you:

Visual Workflow – a clean UI with drag-and-drop functionality makes creating and modifying business processes and workflows simple and fast – so fast, it will make your head spin!

Enterprise Task Management – ensures the right work is being done by the right person with the right resources, and at the right time! Nothing slips between the cracks, and if deadlines look like they won’t be met, you get advance warning and automatic escalation.

Outlook Integration – JobTraQ has an out-of-the-box integration with Outlook, capturing emails within workflows and tasks, and also synchs your Outlook calendar with your JobTraQ calendar too.

Compliance Management – JobTraQ provides a work platform that bakes in compliance and business rules into workflows and processes – every action is documented within the system, no matter who makes the changes or when. Sarbanes Oxley, NIST 800-53, SAS 70, ISO, ITIL compliant and much more, with one-click audit reporting.

Custom Form Designer – using drag-and-drag you create business forms as you want them when you want them; create and change forms in minutes to track and record work as it flows through your processes with no coding required.

Resource Management & Utilization – make sure your people have the resources they need to get their work done on time and at the right quality, but at the same time, know what resources you have, where they are, and how much ROI they are contributing to your operation.

Scale to Enterprise-class and beyond – with globalization features which includes multiple language support, automatic formatting and setting for teams located in multiple time zones and countries, with the ability to handle multiple teams and users wherever they are located.

A Fully Mobile Solution – JobTraQ simply requires a web browser, so it goes wherever you have the ability to connect to the Internet, whether you are using a desktop, tablet or Smartphone and independent of the Operating System used.

Lightning Fast Deployment & Adoption – JobTraQ is FAST! Fast to deploy, fast in operation, and fast with user adoption – talk to our existing customers and see how fast JobTraQ is because you will simply not believe us when we say how fast it truly is!

We pride ourselves on transparency and openness, publishing our pricing which only charges for users who have 5 or more open tasks – all others are free – anyone with less than 5 open tasks at any one time, managers and supervisors who simply assign tasks, external vendors or contractors who simply need to pick up work instructions, and even your customers are all free!

This is why JobTraQ only costs around 20% of a typical BPM solution, because it is only those fully immersed in doing work who need to be licensed – everyone else who simply interacts with the work environment are not charged for using the platform to gain access and insight into what work is being carried out.

And you will not believe how fast JobTraQ is – it is faster than fast – but don’t believe us, talk to our customers which includes NASA, Fifth Third Bank, the FDA, TransCanada, and clients in Energy, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Government, Manufacturing, Education, Automotive, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Outsourcing, Compliance, Media, Telecom, Logistics, and Healthcare.

Contact us today for a brief conversation on how JobTraQ can help you do more with agility and visibility into all aspects of work.

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