The release of JobTraQ version X6.0 earlier this year introduced Resource Utilization processes to the already feature rich list of tasks that the business process management software (BPM) can complete.  Resource Utilization can realign tasks to under-utilized team members in real time so that everyone stays productive and sane.  Real-time dynamic assessments of team members’ available schedules and workloads give management the data they need to find over- and under-utilized employees.

Customer Jeff Herz, Director of Internal Operations at CUnet, says, “We have gone from about a 70% completion rate up to 95% or more completion rate for every task that our client has requested.  We have been able to implement and complete much more thoroughly and much more accurately.”

JobTraQ’s BPM software helps keep everyone on track with scheduled email reminders and checkpoint warnings.  Reports highlight in red workers that are overloaded allowing a quick reassignment of tasks to a team member that has more time.

Resource Utilization Software Features:

  • Create custom work schedules
  • Default schedules for groups
  • Calendar views for scheduling
  • Create custom fields and forms
  • Drag and drop organization
  • Integrated time tracking
  • Time utilization and tracking reports
  • Role based permissions
  • Team summary emails to managers

Learn more about JobTraQ Resource Utilization software features by downloading the data sheet.

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