The resource utilization chart in JobTraQ software is a powerful view to help project managers distribute their team’s work efficiently. It shows each team member’s workload as a percentage of that person’s total work schedule. It can also show the utilization of shared assets, like equipment or facilities.

Resource Utilization Chart

Every business team member must have a work schedule, or the chart will not be able to display their information. Task managers and administrators can define unique work schedules for every person, or they can define shared work schedules for entire organizational units. Schedules can be set separately for each day of the week, and special exceptions can be defined for holidays, weekends, and vacation. Work schedules are also used by the business day calculations in workflow formulas and recurring tasks.

Work Schedule Page

Tasks can be scheduled within the workflow software by using the Start Date and End Date fields, or they can be left unscheduled if the specific date is not important. Unscheduled tasks can be given just a work estimate, or both a work estimate and a due date:

Task Examples

In the resource tracking and utilization chart, you can select a detail level, the date at which the chart should begin, and the resources to show charts for. The chart will show a color-coded bar chart for each resource’s work schedule. Green bars represent scheduled tasks (tasks that have specific start and end dates), and blue bars represent unscheduled tasks (tasks that only have a work estimate and possibly a due date). If any work period contains more work than the resource can complete in that period, the part of the bar above 100% will be red. You can click on the bar for a time period, and it will show you a list of the tasks in that bar. If there are a lot of tasks, it will zoom in to a more detailed view of that time period.

Scheduled and Unscheduled Tasks

Scheduled tasks are used when you know exactly when the task should be worked on. The chart places scheduled tasks in the bars for the periods in which they are scheduled. The resource is assumed to be fully allocated to each task for all of their working time between the task’s start and end date. The resource is not allocated for any time that is not in their work schedule; if a task is scheduled entirely outside of the resource’s work schedule, the chart will show a warning icon under the periods that contain the task. Each resource will be 200% loaded at any work time where two tasks are assigned to that resource, 300% if there are three tasks, and so on. If multiple resources are assigned to the same task, they are both assumed to be fully utilized for the entire duration of the task.

Warning and Overload

Unscheduled tasks are used when you know roughly how long a task will take, but you do not need to schedule it for a specific date. To help managers visualize their team’s work load, these tasks are shown in the resource utilization chart at specific times. However, they are not actually scheduled for those times, and will move around as other tasks are added and completed. The Work Estimate field is used to specify how much work time is required for each task. As each task’s Percent Complete field is increased, the chart allocates only the remaining percentage of the work estimate.

If an unscheduled task does not have a due date, the chart will allocate the task in time that is not already used by other tasks. It will never put a task in any work period that is already at or over 100% utilized. If an unscheduled task does have a due date, its work time is allocated to the least-utilized periods between the current date and the due date. If there is not enough free time available before the due date, those periods’ utilization will be increased up to 200% for up to two weeks before the due date. If the due date is reached and the task is still not done, its remaining work will be added to the periods immediately following the due date.

Unscheduled Tasks at Due Date

JobTraQ’s resource utilization chart is a powerful tool that allows team leaders and managers to quickly see whether their teams are over- or under-utilized. If you have any questions about this feature or anything else in JobTraQ project management software, please comment below. For more information about JobTraQ, please contact our sales team or request a demo.

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