The release of JobTraQ version X6.0 earlier this year introduced Project Management processes to the already feature rich list of tasks that the software can complete. Project Management Software features keep projects moving smoothly so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

At any point in time, all team members and managers can quickly see their top priorities, and any task that is in danger of becoming overdue.  Your team has instant access to the documents, directions, communications, and deadlines they need to complete their assigned tasks and projects.  Calendar views provide a glimpse into time frames to keep everyone productive and fully utilized.

Customer Amy Stephenson, Operations Manager at Safety Plus, says, “By converting paper based processes into an automated solution, the employee resource pool was optimized, allowing Safety Plus to take on more work without the need to increase staffing levels. Utilizing JobTraQ was the only way we were able to continue to meet our business challenges and continue to grow the company.”

Project Management Software Features:

  • Quickly see statuses and alerts
  • Display and sort by any fields
  • Batch edit for numerous changes
  • Create custom fields and forms
  • Drag and drop organization
  • Sends late notifications
  • Collaborate easily with coworkers
  • Saved views
  • Import CSV files from 3rd parties

Learn more about JobTraQ Project Management software features by downloading the date sheet.

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