Photo of Mark PorterMark Porter has been part of the Swift Software team since he was a student. He started as an intern on the JobTraQ development team and has since grown into one of our key technical leaders. His skill set is extremely broad, including everything from database programming to user interface design. He takes pride in teaching these skills to newer members of our team.

If you’ve used the new Attached Files user interface, the task type Form Designer, or the JobTraQ Mobile app, you have seen Mark’s ability to design features that are fast, easy to understand, and reliable. Along with his teammates, Mark has implemented new web technologies to make JobTraQ more responsive, optimized back-end databases to load tasks faster, and tweaked HTML to make it work correctly in old web browsers. In addition, he helps our support team with complex issues, and uses his deep familiarity with JobTraQ to track down and resolve some of our customers’ toughest problems.

Mark says that his favorite hobby is trying new hobbies: he’s tried things like paintball, “Extreme Croquet”, and longboarding, and the next item on his list is skydiving. His favorite movies are The Princess Bride and any movie by Christopher Nolan (especially if Hans Zimmer did the music). Mark also leads the youth group at his church, where his energy and weird hobbies are in great demand.

Mark is a key part of JobTraQ’s success, and a lot of fun to work with. If you are interested in joining our team, contact us at For more information about JobTraQ by Swift Software, please contact our sales team or request a demo.

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