The release of JobTraQ’s software version X6.0 marked the premiere of the software company’s new visual process designer and enhanced workflow management system. The system has been receiving rave reviews from clients around the globe. Cindy Miller, Project Manager for Media Fusion, Inc. at NASA headquarters, was one of the first customers to use the new workflow processes. Miller said, “Now that we have all the processes in our system, it literally takes minutes to make a change to our process. We can go in and create a change to the workflow rules, which allows us to redirect the workflow process immediately.”

Miller went on to cite an example of how JobTraQ has allowed Media Fusion to make sweeping changes in the way they do business for NASA. “To give a good example, when all the budget cuts started happening in the government customers became really concerned about how much money they were spending and who was actually requesting services and using the budget. So we were able to go into workflow system and in a few minutes just put in criteria that just says if this customer under this customer code orders services, we want to alert the person in charge that that is happening and give them a quote estimate so they can approve the expense. That took maybe 15 minutes to implement. And that’s huge,” said Miller.

The workflow software is powerful yet exceptionally easy to learn and use, and the visual design capability makes workflow processes practically self-documenting. To find out how your company can benefit from implementing JobTraQ workflow software, contact the sales department at 866-640-2633.

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