The Contact Management Software features of JobTraQ allows your business to store your employees, customers, and vendors in detailed, organized hierarchies in. At any point in time, all team members and managers can quickly see their top priorities, and any task that is in danger of becoming overdue. With JobTraQ’s comprehensive security, you can limit access to just the information you want a user to see.

A person with a contact record in JobTraQ can optionally be given a username and password, or linked to their network account, and quickly be granted permissions that will control their access to features, records, fields, and other JobTraQ objects. Contact records can be quickly and easily imported from a CSV file exported from any other system. If the CSV file contains hierarchy or security role information, that will import as well.

In addition to contacts, JobTraQ’s business process management software can also record simple assets, such as computers, vehicles, and conference rooms, or assets that make up a part of your workflow, like field equipment or manufacturing machinery. These assets can store attached files like proof of purchase, photographs, etc. and can be configured with relevant custom fields, like serial number, IP address, or last service date. These assets can then be associated with tasks and projects in various ways.

Since assets have availability schedules and can be assigned to tasks and projects, they can be loaded into the Resource Chart page. This allows managers and workers to quickly see which assets are available for use.

Users can attach any number of files to any task, project, appointment, contact or asset in JobTraQ’s BPM software. This provides a central repository of all digital information, keeping digital assets and artifacts connected to the specific people, projects, and tasks they belong with. This makes it easy for users to quickly access the exact data they need to do their work, quickly and without confusion. It also provides an invaluable archive of historical data including previous version that might otherwise be lost.

Every user in JobTraQ’s workflow management system is a member of one or more permission groups, which can be given access to some, none, or all of JobTraQ’s features. Administrators can set specific permissions on every built-in and custom field in the system, every task and contact type, and every status.

Each JobTraQ feature can be enabled or disabled for specific users and groups. For example, customers can view tasks, but can’t create or edit them. Managers can access anything except the administration tools. You set the rules that fit the way your business operates.

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