Have you ever wanted to send a customized email from JobTraQ BPM software to a customer, vendor, or internal staff? Maybe send that email on behalf of your Sales department or procurement team? Do you want to automatically include specific information from your task, but not everything?

Have no fear, Swift Software is here… and we are proud to announce Dynamic Emails; a custom email module which integrates with your JobTraQ system.  Designed and developed by our Professional Services team, the Dynamic Emails module allows you to identify who the email should be sent to, including CC and BCC, who the email is coming from, what fields from JobTraQ BPM software to include, and some, none, or all of the attachments from the task.

So how does it work?  The process is Status driven which means that for each Task which may send a Dynamic Email, we identify the status that triggers the email to be sent (i.e. “Send Email”).  In the screenshot below, we have created a list of typical email fields such as To, From, Subject, etc. The Dynamic Emails module reads the values placed in these fields and recognizes when the trigger status has been selected.  It then compiles the email according to your specifications and sends it.  All of this can be managed by workflows, meaning that this whole process can be automated!  You can even control multiple email templates for the same task, or have the email sent to your customer “From” your sales rep!


The process logs each email attempt and will identify successfully sent emails and highlight any errors that occur, such as a malformed email address in the To field.  If the email is sent successfully, the task’s status will change to a Successful status (i.e. “Email Sent”).  If the email fails and is not sent, the status will change to a Failure status (i.e. “Email not Sent, Please address”).  At a glance, your users will know if the email was sent, identify if additional steps are required, and can view the log to see the email details.


In addition, the email template is customizable so that you can include your company logo and color scheme.


So how can you get the Dynamic Emails module for your system?  This module is available for a small one-time license fee to cover our maintenance costs, and can be customized to fit your exact needs.  Your IT Administrative team will be able to install this solution utilizing our full documentation, or our Professional Services team would be more than happy to assist with your installation and setup. To find out more about the Dynamic Emails module, please contact the Professional Services team at ProServices@jobtraq.com

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