Advanced Searching

Most users of JobTraQ business process management software know how to search for things in their task and contact lists. But JobTraQ has a lot of advanced searching power that isn’t apparent on the surface. For example, here’s a search that shows all of the invoices that were sent last month, sorted by bill date. It shows the descriptions, date, amount, and customer for each invoice.

Screenshot of a search for all invoices sent last month

Another example is this one: all open feature requests for a software team, sorted by priority. This list shows each feature’s description, ID, assigned employee, percent complete, status, priority, and work estimate.

Screenshot of a search for all open feature requests

Finally, here is one that shows all of the support requests that were active last week, grouped by customer and showing the description, support employee, initial request date, first response date, and status.

Screenshot of a search for all support requests from last week

Saved Views

Once you’ve built some searches, you will probably want to go back to them later. To save a view, simply click the + button next to the My Saved Views button, and enter a name for the new saved view. Once you’ve saved a view, you can go back at any time by clicking the My Saved Views menu and choosing the view you want.

Screenshot of the Save This View button

You can also right-click on a view in the My Saved Views menu to update, rename, or delete a view. To update a view, simply build your new view and then right-click on an existing view and click update to replace that view’s settings with the new settings.

Screenshot of the saved view menu

Permission Group Saved Views

Individual users can create their own saved view as explained above. An even more useful feature is Permission Group Shared Views, which allows administrators to build saved views that will be shared by every person in a permission group.

To make a new saved view for a permission group, go to the Contacts tab, open that permission group’s record, and go to the Saved Views sub-page. You will see a copy of the normal task list, which allows you to configure all of the same options: search filters, grouping, column selection, and sort ordering. Once you have built the view that you want to share, simply click the + button next to the My Saved Views button and enter a name for the new view. You can also right-click on existing views and update, rename, or delete them.

Screenshot of the Permission Group Saved Views page in JobTraQ

After you set up a shared view for a permission group, that view will appear at the bottom of the saved view list for every user in that permission group.

Screenshot of the Saved View menu with a permission group view

If you have any questions about these search examples or how to use saved views, please comment below. For more information about JobTraQ business process management software, please contact our sales team or request a demo.

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