JobTraQ Lean BPM and Workflow Software Featured on 21st Century Business

JobTraQ Workflow and Lean BPM Software was recently featured on 21st Century Business, the award winning television series produced by Multi-Media Productions. The show features companies providing business viewers an in depth opportunity to find solutions within many industries globally. JobTraQ President and Founder, Vaughn Thurman, was interviewed about the state of project and task management in today’s corporations. Thurman said, “I don’t think there is any middle or high level manager, who hasn’t had the disappointment of coming into somebody that they’ve assigned a task to, that maybe they’re accountable to somebody above them or a client, and they say... Read More »

White Paper – Comparing SharePoint & JobTraQ as Task Management Software

At first, trying to compare these two products seems a bit like comparing apples to oranges. In a sense we are, because Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server (MOSS) is designed to be a portal, a collaboration tool, an application framework, and other things as well. In contrast, JobTraQ® is designed to be one thing, an enterprise grade task management and workflow tool. The question of contrast arises, when one considers the task management and workflow capabilities of MOSS against those of JobTraQ®. Here we will compare the products from a task management perspective in terms of ease of use, implementation time... Read More »

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