How To: Change the Design of the JobTraQ Email Notifications

JobTraQ software allows system administrators to create a custom design template and specify that it should be used when sending email notifications. Configuring JobTraQ to use a custom template Navigate to the JobTraQ software web folder (often, c:\inetpub\wwwroot\JobTraQ) Find the folder called Templates, and copy its contents into the folder called CustomTemplates. Customize the copy of EmailTemplate.html in CustomTemplates (see below for details). Log in to JobTraQ and go to the System Settings page in the Administration tab Change the Use Custom Email Template setting to “Yes”, and click Save. Test the new template by making changes to a task... Read More »

Installation: How To Install SQL Server Express 2008 R2

SQL Server Express is the free version of Microsoft SQL Server. It has all the functionality of the full version of SQL Server, but it is limited to 10GB of data, one CPU core, and 1GB of RAM. Also, it does not include support for scheduled database backups and maintenance. These limitations are acceptable for small teams, but we do not recommend SQL Server Express for teams larger than 25 people. To install SQL Server Express for a JobTraQ server, follow these steps: Download SQL Server Express with Management Tools from here. Run the installer on your server. If the... Read More »

Installation: Configuration Utility Reports That IIS is Not Installed

By default, the IIS web server is not installed on Windows Server. If IIS is not installed on your server, the JobTraQ Configuration Utility will display an error stating that IIS is not installed. To fix this issue, follow the steps for your operating system below. Windows 2008 Open the Server Manager control panel on the server, and go to the Roles section. Click Add Roles, and choose the Web Server (IIS) role. When the wizard asks which services to install, select the following: Common HTTP Features Application Development ASP.NET .NET Extensibility ISAPI Extensions ISAPI Filters Health and Diagnostics HTTP Logging Logging Tools Request... Read More »

Installation: JobTraQ Task Manager Software on an IIS 7 server

During installation, JobTraQ task manager software automatically configures IIS using the IIS6 metabase. In Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, IIS was updated to version 7, which includes some major changes to the way that applications are installed. In order to install applications like JobTraQ that access the IIS Metabase directly, you must enable the optional IIS 6 compatibilty components on your server. Additionally, the default server configuration for IIS 7 does not enable the ASP.NET server components that JobTraQ and other dynamic .NET applications require. This article explains how to enable the IIS 6 compatibility components and the required... Read More »

JobTraQ BPM Software X5.12.3 Release Announcement

Important: Upgrade Prerequisite Previous versions of JobTraQ BPM software only required version 2.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework. JobTraQ X5.12.3 and later require version 3.5 of the .NET Framework. If your server does not have that version installed, you will be required to install it before upgrading JobTraQ. New Features Workflow management formulas can return the difference between two dates: Administrators can create workflow formulas that find the number of days, hours, or minutes between two dates. One of the most exciting applications of this new feature is to capture, format, and record cycle time or other useful performance data... Read More »

JobTraQ BPM Software X5.12.2 Release Announcement

New JobTraQ BPM Software Features Contact Lookup Fields can be restricted by contact class and type: Administrators can configure contact lookup fields to only allow users to select contacts that match specific contact classes and/or contact types. External pages can be embedded in JobTraQ forms: External pages can be placed anywhere in a JobTraQ task or contact form, and can also be added to entire tabs in the task type form designer. Data can be passed from JobTraQ fields in the external page URL in the same way that dynamic links pass data. Automatic Windows Authentication: If JobTraQ users are... Read More »

JobTraQ X5.12.1 Release Announcement

New Features Special Permissions for Owners and Assignees: Administrators can define special permissions on fields and statuses for the owner and assignee of a task. If the current user is the owner or assignee of a task, the special permissions will be added to the user’s normal permissions for the fields and statuses in that task. Right-Click Menu has New Start Timer Option: When a user right-clicks on a task or project in the task list, the context menu will now include an option to start a new timer on that task or project. Performance Improvements Importing and exporting large... Read More »

JobTraQ X5.12.0 Release Announcement

Important Notes The Business Intelligence Module installer has been merged into the main JobTraQ installer. Customers who have a license for the Business Intelligence Module no longer need to run a separate upgrade process. Several improvements in the Business Intelligence Module have the potential to cause side effects in the reports. These side effects are unlikely, but we recommend that report administrators test each report to make sure that it runs correctly after the upgrade. If a problem is found, it can be fixed by simply opening the report editor and clicking the Save button to re-build the report definition.... Read More »

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