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JobTraQ Enterprise+ ATI

For customers looking for 508 compliance and Assistive Technology Interface (ATI) functionality, JobTraQ provides ATI functionality for the vision impaired (JobTraQ requires no audio/speech input, playback or multi-media).

JobTraQ can be fully utilized by speech and hearing-impaired users, and for the visually-impaired utilizing JAWS (though the visual workflow designer and 2D form designer are excepted).

We offer two license options: annual term licenses and perpetual licenses.

ATI functionality is commercially available for public, private and government clients.

Download the JobTraQ Enteprise+ ATI Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) here.

Term License
Perpetual License
Price Per Assignee 828 2,484
Assignee Licenses  100 min  100 min
Workflow Processes  Unlimited  Unlimited
Reporting and Business Intelligence  Full BI +Automated Report + Custom Data Sources  Full BI +Automated Report + Custom Data Sources
Outlook Sync  YES  YES
Admin Training  2 Free In-House Admin Training   2 Free In-House Admin Training
Data Storage  1000GB  1000GB
Assisted Technology Interface  YES  YES
Basic Software Support and Maintenance Included $496.80 per year
License Type Annual Term Perpetual

The ATI option is available for our Enterprise+ customers with a minimum 100 assignees (users).

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